Our Vision
Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the developed world – in fact the most common in the USA, with 5.4 million cases being discovered yearly, and numbers rising.* Skin problems in general are of great concern, with 21% of patients going to a primary care doctor presenting a skin problem.* 

Our aim is to provide skin disease diagnosis that is accessible, accurate, and timely. Our solutions help early detection of skin cancer as well as treatment planning.
Using patent-pending technology, we are developing a cost-effective portable device providing information about the whole layer of skin. By seeing the whole picture, we provide two solutions: 
  • LesionScore: early skin cancer detection 
  • LesionView: skin cancer treatment planning
We're keen to share our latest beta apps with interested parties. Please contact us below if you would like to receive a copy.
Seeing into the lesion to uncover its true extent. Needs ultrasound device to run in non-demo mode.
LesionScore Optomist
DeepLearning-trained classification of skin changes.
Miklós Gyöngy
Team Leader
Domonkos Csabai
Software Development
Gergely Csány
Verification and Validation
Krisztián Füzesi
Mechanical Engineering
István Hegedüs
Hardware Engineering and Production
Péter Marosán
Computer Vision
27 March 2019
Updated casing available.

26 March 2019
Improved lesion classification scores -- details later.

31 January 2019
The first custom-designed electronics have been assembled and are now ready for testing.

27 October 2018
We're ready for presentation at the 50th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Hungarian Medical Association of America at Sarasota.

16 October 2018
A journal article presenting the validation of our invention for cost-effective ultrasound imaging has recently been accepted for publication by the journal of Ultrasonics and is now available online.

15 October 2018
Casing design of our device is now ready.

25 September 2018
We have published our website - hope you like it!


Pitch in the section "Hungarian Startup Innovations in Healthcare".

SMART 2018 
Presentation with the title "A Smart Ultrasound Device for Skin Diagnosis".

ICU 2017 Honolulu  
Presentation with the title "A Low-Cost Portable Ultrasound System for Skin Diagnosis", winning the "RWB Stephens Prize" award sponsored by the journal Ultrasonics and its publisher Elsevier.

Magyar Dermatológiai Társulat 90. Nagygyűlése (90th Congress of the Hungarian Dermatological Society)
Poster presentation with the title "PEN US szerepe a malignus bőrgyógyászati kórképek elemzésében" ("The Role of 'PEN' US in the Analysis of Malignant Dermatological Disorders"), winning "The Best Poster" award of the congress.

Kutatók Éjszakája (Researchers' Night), SE Bőrklinika
Presentation with the title "Ultrahang a bőrrák-diagnosztikában" ("Ultrasound in Skin Cancer Diagnostics") at Semmelweis University, Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Dermatooncology.

Magyar Katolikus Rádió (Hungarian Catholic Radio)
Interview with Dr. Miklós Gyöngy in the broadcast "Látóhatár".

Szent István Rádió (Saint Stephen Radio)
Interview with Gergely Csány in the broadcast "Közelkép".

Novum TV
"Harc a bőrrák ellen - hordozható ultrahang-készülék a gyorsabb, pontosabb diagnózisért"

Duna TV, Új Nemzedék
Interview with Gergely Csány and Dr. Miklós Gyöngy, and presentation of the first prototype of the skin ultrasound device.

We're looking to hire people in the following roles:
  • Android developer
  • Computer Vision specialist
Contact Us
Kanizsai u. 2-10. C. ép. II. em. 11. 
Budapest, Hungary

Whether you're a healthcare professional, researcher, developer, or anyone else who's motivated by our vision to fight skin disease, feel free to get in touch with us.
We're grateful for Széchenyi 2020 Support. Some details in Hungarian:
A kedvezményezett neve: Dermus Kft. 
A projekt címe: Ultrahang-Optikai Gépi Látás a Bőrdiagnosztikában
A szerződött támogatás összege: 20 000 000 Ft
A támogatás mértéke: 80%

A projekt tartalmának rövid bemutatása: Ultrahangképek illetve dermatoszkóp képek alapján automatizált bőrrákdetekciót végzünk. Ez segíti a korai bőrrákdetekciót, így javítva a betegek túlélési esélyeit.

A projekt tervezett befejezési dátuma: 2019.06.30
Projekt azonosító száma: CA2018-08-Dermus